The purpose of this site is not to promote a particular stem cell or regenerative medical clinic; the purpose is to provide you with easy to understand information from the perspective of a retired orthopedic surgeon who has been a pioneer in the field of mesenchymal stem cells. Kenneth Pettine, who is now retired, was one of two surgeons who were part of the first FDA Phase One biologic study performed on humans in the United States in 2011. Because of this research experience, Pettine was motivated to investigate further the potential of utilizing stem cells to help his patients with orthopedic and spine pathology to avoid surgery. Kenneth Pettine began his career as an orthopedic surgeon since 1986, performed more than 400 orthopedic and spine surgeries per year since that time, and has recently retired. He was always first and foremost an orthopedic and spine surgeon, and this adds credibility to his passion for biologics to help you avoid surgery.