Chronic hip pain can be caused by a number of issues, including arthritis or injury, and trying to live with such pain can be next to impossible. Walking, driving, and other everyday activities can become much more difficult, and many people think that surgery is the only solution. Some treatments may assuage the pain temporarily, but the discomfort may return and perhaps be even worse than it was before. If you’re contemplating total hip replacement, take a few moments to read our blog and discover how mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) can provide a beneficial alternative. As an orthopedic surgeon in Northern Colorado, Kenneth Pettine has treated many people with hip problems, and his research into regenerative stem cells could provide a solution for your pain.

Traditional Surgical Options

The hip is a ball-and-socket joint, with the socket formed by the acetabulum of the pelvis, and the ball formed by the femoral head of the femur, or thigh bone. The bones are covered by the synovial membrane, which eliminates friction when the hips move. If this membrane has broken down due to age or injury, the result could be excruciating pain. With traditional hip replacement, the affected bone and cartilage are removed, and prosthetic parts are installed. The parts can be made of metal, plastic, and ceramic, and recovery can be lengthy and difficult. Many people put off surgery for years simply because of the recovery time involved.

Stem Cell Treatments

If you’re suffering from hip pain because of a labral tear (where the cartilage around the socket is damaged), or piriformis syndrome (where the piriformis muscle in the gluteus spasms and causes pain), then you might be a candidate for stem cell treatment. Athletes who move their hips as they compete can be at risk for these types of conditions, and Dr. Pettine has experience treating professional athletes from all types of sports. Instead of worrying about hip surgery and lengthy recovery times, you can let your body heal from within through the aid of MSCs. If your pain limits your mobility or persists even when you’re not moving, it might be worthwhile to look into stem cell therapy.

There can be many questions when it comes to hip pain, and if you’re seeking answers, it can be very profitable to speak with an orthopedic surgeon who understands both the surgical and regenerative options. Based on your medical history, physical examination, and other factors, your general physician might suggest total hip replacement, but if you’d like to know more about the alternatives to traditional surgery and methods that can decrease your recovery time, contact Dr. Kenneth Pettine today. With his experience and expertise, he can advise you on the course of treatment that could provide you with the healing your body needs. Instead of living with chronic pain or avoiding certain activities because they may exacerbate your discomfort, you can enjoy your favorite hobbies and a quality of life that you deserve.

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