As an orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Kenneth Pettine has helped many patients find the best solutions for their hip, knee, shoulder, and spine problems. Twenty years ago, surgery was often the only option for these medical issues, but with more in-depth research on stem cell therapy and the benefits it can provide the body, more and more patients have opted for that treatment. The recovery time associated with stem cell injections is often much shorter than that of traditional surgery, and as a stem cell expert, Dr. Pettine has seen firsthand the results of non-surgical regenerative treatments. If you’re suffering from pain or discomfort in your spine, knee, or hip, contact our team in Northern Colorado today.

recoverytime_retiree_blog_featimageTreating People of All Ages

As you get older, the time it takes to recover from medical treatment often gets longer. If you need surgery on your back or knees, it can take months to fully recover from the operation. With stem cell treatment, the recovery time can be greatly reduced from a number of months to a matter of weeks. Since the cells are gathered from your own bone marrow, your body should be able to fully integrate them once they’re injected into the affected site. It doesn’t matter if you’re a 29-year-old professional athlete or a 65-year-old retiree who wants to travel the world – stem cells could be the key to relieving your orthopedic pain. Our goal is to provide exceptional treatment for people of all ages, and at their one-year follow up, we want patients to feel much better than they did when they first visited us.

recoverytime_hockey_blog_innerimageGetting Back in the Game

For those who play professional or amateur sports, stem cells have opened up an entirely new world of non-surgical possibilities. Instead of complex surgeries and lengthy recovery times, athletes can receive an injection and give their body the resources it needs to repair itself from within. A knee injury could sideline a running back for the rest of the season, but with orthopedic stem cells, they could be back in the game by the time the playoffs arrive. Those who participate in contact sports such as football or hockey are more prone to injury, and instead of being out for a long period of time, they can recover quickly and feel confident when stepping back on the field or the ice for the first time. They have to know that their body won’t let them down, and that they’ll be able to perform the movements and motions that the game requires of them.

If you’d like to know more about stem cell treatments, or you’re looking for a stem cell expert who specializes in non-surgical options, contact Dr. Kenneth Pettine today. He has treated professional athletes, retirees, and many others, and can help you determine the best course for relieving your pain or healing your injury. Instead of dreading the idea of surgery and recovery, let us show you how regenerative cells can transform your life!