dreamstime_xxl_36041254As an orthopedic surgeon in Northern Colorado, Dr. Kenneth Pettine has met with hundreds of patients who were dealing with severe pain or injury. His approach is always to provide the very best care and explore every option, whether that be traditional surgery or stem cell therapy. Each patient’s situation is different, and that requires a unique and compassionate approach that meets the person’s needs and gives them peace of mind. The patient, their family, and their friends have seen the results of his care, and in this blog, we would like to share some of the testimonials from those people who have met and been treated by Dr. Pettine.

Treatment for a Daughter

“I have known Dr. Ken Pettine since the early 2000’s. I have known him as a friend, neighbor, surgeon, researcher and scientist. He operated on my daughter and it was like a miracle and still is – she was in a terrible auto accident and suffered for two years with migraine headaches. Dr. Pettine took the time to get her into a program that involved a disc replacement. We got our daughter back and I count Ken as a ‘blessing’!”

– Ruth Herickhoff

A Compassionate Approach

“I am a Family Medicine physician, and [in 2009], I was unable to find an orthopedic spine surgeon in all of Larimer or Weld Counties willing to accept my Medicaid patients with low back and neck pain. I asked [Dr. Pettine] for help and he answered the call. His practice became the only ortho-spine specialty referral center in Larimer and Weld counties that my partners and I at Miramont Family Medicine could consistently send our impoverished, even homeless or fully disabled patients to, without fear that they would be turned away. Not only did Dr. Pettine and his employed physicians assess them all, they offered my patients mainstream and even innovative technologies when possible. I easily have over 100 Medicaid or Medicare patients that have undergone spine surgery. I estimate over 90% have had improved outcomes, and none are worse that I am aware.”

– John L. Bender

dreamstime_xxl_54758707-1Kindness and Encouragement

“Several years ago, I was in a car accident and I was referred to [Dr. Pettine] for treatment, which allowed me to see him as a professional in his field. I was once again was amazed by his compassion, kindness and the encouragement he gave me during a difficult season in my life. As a result of visiting his office on numerous occasions, I was able to see that he treated his other patients with the same kindness he had shown me.”

– David M. Carr

If you’re suffering from knee, hip, or shoulder pain, or you have a debilitating spinal injury, you may feel that orthopedic surgery is your only option. While surgery may be the best course for treating your injury, regenerative medicine may also hold some promise. To learn more about mesenchymal stem cells and their benefits, contact Dr. Pettine today for relevant and beneficial information.