As an orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Kenneth Pettine has been involved in multiple studies regarding artificial discs to treat a number of spinal conditions. He was the Principal Investigator on 16 studies through the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and through his research, orthopedic medicine has been able to provide patients with better options when faced with spinal pain or conditions such as degenerative disc disease. By studying the effects of artificial disc replacement versus those of traditional spinal fusion, Dr. Pettine began to look at other methods for treating spinal pain. This led him to the arena of regenerative medicine, specifically stem cell therapy, and the benefits it can provide patients who otherwise would be faced with surgery or fusion.

dreamstime_6158001Alternatives to Surgery

Those who suffer from discogenic back pain (pain emanating from the intervertebral discs) can often think that surgery or fusion are their only options. With further research into stem cells, that isn’t necessarily the case. In his study on autologous bone marrow-derived cells for discogenic back pain, Dr. Pettine treated patients who met the inclusion and exclusion criteria for discogenic pain in the lumbar spine. Through bone marrow aspiration, regenerative cells were gathered, concentrated, and then injected into the intra-discal area. The three year follow up outcomes showed a 70% improvement in pain and physical function. There were no adverse side effects reported from the aspiration or injection site.

A Trusted Expert

dreamstime_xxl_14542453When searching for a nationally recognized stem cell specialist, it can almost seem like finding the right one is akin to searching for a needle in a stack of needles. Dr. Pettine trademarked the phrase, “Friends don’t let friends get fused,” and this philosophy continues to this day. In the past, spinal fusion may have been the only option for many patients, but with current research and breakthroughs in stem cell therapy, those options have opened up quite a bit. Dr. Pettine has had patents issued for artificial lumbar and cervical discs, as well as a patent for regenerative autologous bone marrow stem cell therapies. It may seem like any surgeon or specialist will do, but when it’s your spine, you want a trusted expert who will provide the guidance and treatment your body needs.

If you’re interested in regenerative cells, or you want to know more about alternatives to spinal surgery, please contact Dr. Kenneth Pettine in Northern Colorado today. He can educate you in the potential benefits of stem therapy and let you decide what treatment will be best for your body. You can read through testimonials from those who have been treated by Dr. Pettine, and discover how his research and approach to medicine have transformed their lives.

When comparing your medical treatment options, wouldn’t it be better to go with one that involves an injection of cells from your own body rather than opting for a complex procedure that replaces your natural bone with man-made materials?