Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) can have many uses, from treating hip injuries to repairing certain spinal conditions. As a stem cell researcher, Dr. Kenneth Pettine has dedicated himself to finding new and innovative ways to use MSCs in his treatments. While many stem cell applications are internal, there are some external applications that doctors and scientists are beginning to explore in more detail. One such application is a facial cream that is comprised of stem cells and can be applied for anti-aging and regenerative purposes. Dr. Pettine has applied for two patents for stem cell cream products, and in this blog, we’ll look at how these creams may be beneficial for certain treatments.

Breakthrough Skin Care

It’s understandable that people will have questions about stem cell facial creams and their efficacy. Those looking for anti-aging products may be skeptical about how regenerative cells can help their skin, and Dr. Pettine will gladly explain the application process and what results you can expect. Other facial products use plant cells and non-embryonic stem cells to create their cream, and while these can have certain benefits, it’s still to be seen how effective they are. MSCs have so many applications for internal purposes that the future is promising for their use on the exterior of the body. The right cream combination could yield a breakthrough skin care product, as well as treatments for other medical conditions, both internal and external.

Only Just Discovering the Power of Stem Cells

While stem cells have been used for several years now, doctors are only just now discovering their true power. The benefits of MSCs over traditional orthopedic surgery can be astounding, and when applied to topical and facial creams, the regenerative properties could be endless. That’s not to say that one application will “cure” a certain condition or medical issue, but with the right approach, a person could experience healing like they’ve never known before.

Dr. Pettine and other surgeons are excited to see where stem cells take western medicine and the type of changes they bring to the medical field. Stay tuned to our blog for updates on the stem cell cream patents and any other developments in the field of regenerative medicine. If you have questions about MSCs or anything related to them, contact Dr. Pettine today and he’ll gladly speak with you about all of your options.

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