As people age, they can experience a number of issues, including joint pain, osteoarthritis, and limited mobility. Their bodies have been through a number of stresses, and bones and joints can begin to break down, and muscles and ligaments can become more easily strained or pulled. By the age of 65, an age at which many people retire, a person may be more susceptible to pain and injury, and is unable to do the things they love. Dr. Kenneth Pettine’s approach to stem cell therapy is to help people of all ages find the relief they need, but those who may benefit the most from treatment are those who have reached their 60s and 70s.

Alternatives to Surgery

It’s an unfortunate truth that elderly adults are at a higher risk of falling and injuring themselves. The result of a fall can be a broken hip or an hurt shoulder, and this can keep a person from enjoying their favorite hobbies or being as active as they’d like to be. Osteoarthritis and osteoporosis can compromise the bones and muscles in various parts of the body, and that’s where stem cell injections come in. By using cells gathered from the patient’s own body, concentrated into an effective solution, and injected into the injured site, the body can begin to heal itself. This can create an ideal alternative to hip replacement or knee replacement surgery, and the cost difference between surgery and therapy can be quite large.

Maintaining a Better Quality of Life

As a person ages, their quality of life can decrease, especially when they’re dealing with pain on a daily basis. They want to retain their independence, but if they’re at risk for falling, or they’re unable to perform everyday tasks, they may be faced with the decision of moving in with relatives or into a nursing home or assisted care facility. Stem cells can provide them with the opportunity to remain in their home, instead of relying on others to care for them.

Looking to the Future

By treating those who are 65 now with stem cells, Dr. Pettine and other orthopedic surgeons can discover what works and what needs to be changed within the treatment protocols. If someone who’s suffering from knee or back pain can recover through an injection, their results can show what was successful and what may need to be altered so that younger generations can benefit from more effective treatment as they age. By taking care of the 65-year-olds now, the 65-year-olds of the future can benefit from better stem cell therapy.

If you’re an elderly adult who is suffering from constant pain, or you simply have questions about stem cells and their efficacy, contact Dr. Kenneth Pettine today. His experience with orthopedic surgery and regenerative medicine can give you the guidance you need to make the best decision for your body, no matter your age. Instead of wondering and worrying about what the future holds, you can feel confident that you can keep doing the things you love and spending time with those you care about.